Tech Role Models 2019

Tech Women Norway is proud to present the Tech Role Models 2019 which were selected in collaboration with an independent jury and presented at the Ada Lovelace mini-conference 2019.
You can read more about the Tech Role Models initiative in Norwegian here.

Anna Brøyn

Databases/Datawarehouse/Business Intelligence
Anna Brøyn (she/her)
Software Engineer, Sopra Steria
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Benedicte Raae

Technical Speaking, Programming
Benedicte Raae (she/her)
Contractor, Lilly Labs
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Bodil Stokke

Technical Speaking, Programming
Bodil Stokke
Computer Programmer, SINOPIA OLIVE LIMITED
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Catharina Bøhler

Game Design
Catharina Bøhler (she/her)
CEO & Game Designer, Sarepta Studio
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Christin Gorman

Technical Writing, Technical Speaking, Programming, Policy
Christin Gorman (she/her)
Programmer, Kodemaker
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Eleanor Young

Security, Game Programming
Eleanor Young (she/her)
Programming and Infrastructure, Koboldgames
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Elizabeth Anne Passano

Programming, Academic Research
Elizabeth Anne Passano (she/her)
Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF
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Ewa Kabza

Community, Academic Research, Technical Speaking
Ewa Kabza (she/her)
System Consultant, EvokedSet
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Hanne Johnsen

Programming, Community
Hanne Johnsen (she/her)
Consultant, Bouvet
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Hanne Lohne Try

Programming, Community
Hanne Lohne Try (she/her)
Developer, Shortcut
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Ida Jaklin Johansen

Programming,Technical Speaking, Community
Ida Jaklin Johansen
CEO & Founder, Adisoa
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Ingeborg Ytrehus

Programming, Security, Community
Ingeborg Ytrehus
Security Analyst, BDO Cybersecurity
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Karianne Berg

Project Management, Programming, Technical Speaking, Community
Karianne Berg (she/her)
CEO & Developer, Rubynor
read more about Karianne Berg

Karina Øverland Haugen

Technical Speaking, Programming, Community
Karina Øverland Haugen (she/her)
Integrasjonsarkitekt, Helse Vest IKT
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Kristina Simakova

Programming, Community
Kristina Simakova
Senior Software Engineer, Reality Lab
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Kristine Sevik

Kristine Sevik (she/her)
Senior Advisor, Norwegian centre for ICT in education
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Lene Drøsdal, PhD

Data Science
Lene Drøsdal, PhD
PhD, Senior Data Scientist, DNB
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Lotte Johansen

Programming, Technical Speaking
Lotte Johansen
Senior Systems Developer,
read more about Lotte Johansen

Marit Iren Rognli Tokle

Technical Speaking, Technical Writing, Programming, Community, Security
Marit Iren Rognli Tokle (she/her)
Senior Software Engineer, Sopra Steria
read more about Marit Iren Rognli Tokle

Razieh Behjati, PhD

Programming, Quality Assurance / Testing
Razieh Behjati, PhD
Senior Consultant & CTO, at Testify
read more about Razieh Behjati, PhD

Rikke Jansen

Game Design, Game Programming, Animation
Rikke Jansen (she/her)
Fish Person, In The Metaverse
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Silje Lærk

Technical Speaking, Security
Silje Lærk (she/her)
Cyber Security Engineer, ABB
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Siv Midtun Hollup, PhD

Education, Community, Technical Speaking, Programming
Siv Midtun Hollup, PhD (she/her)
Consultant, Kantega
read more about Siv Midtun Hollup, PhD

Tone Nordbø

Interaction Design, Education
Tone Nordbø (she/her)
Lecturer and Indepentent Consultant
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Victoria Bergquist

Technical Speaking, Programming, Community
Victoria Bergquist (she/her)
Frontend Engineer,
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The 2019 Tech Women Norway Role Models were selected by:

About Tech Role Models

The people presented here serve as role-models for folks in Norway trying to build a career working hands-on in tech.

The selection for inclusion is based on hands-on contributions and not on role or career path. Acknowledging that many contributions are often not publicly visible, we try to enumerate contributions as well as we can.