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Pronouns: she/her

Marit Iren R. Tokle is employed as a Senior Software Engineer at Sopra Steria, where she works as a fullstack developer, and makes hacking competitions for recruitment and teaching security to colleagues. She also participate in the project “Er du sikker?”, which both means “Are you sure?” and “Are you secure?”. The projects works with teaching kids between 13-16 years and their parents about security in our every day systems.

She is active in the hacking community and engaged in teaching security, and making people aware of the importance of security. She leads Norways largest hacking competition of the form Capture the Flag (CTF), TG:Hack, and is one of several leaders of University of Oslo’s hacking team, UiO-CTF. The hacking team hosts workshops and events where people solve hacking tasks to learn in a fun way.

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Marit Iren Rognli Tokle